Process control systems want to control as much of a process as possible to achieve higher consistency, economy, efficiency and safety of a process than a manual control by a human could. There are even processes which cannot be controlled by a human due to complexity and high speeds.

It can be categorized into three types. Batch, continuous or a hybrid between the two other. A batch process requires a certain quantity of materials for an amount of time to combine them to a new product or intermediate. This limiting factor disrupts the flow of the process and creates a batch each time the limiting step is finished. For example production of glue with the limiting factor of a heated mixer with a limited capacity where new materials cannot be added once the mixing started.

A continuous process is a constant flow of input materials and the outcoming product. For example fuel production or chemicals.

A combination of those two is often called a hybrid process.

Our process control makes the best use of every technology to bring the best efficiency. We use PLC (IEC standard) and MES with OPC UA and Modbus to create a secure and fast System with proven technologies.

To produce the most utility with our system we provide you with an API for your process and with this you can use Low Code Engines easily!

Enhance your process and increase your efficiency with us!