Node-RED and other message-driven systems are perfect to build event-driven implementations. All is a message with some payload. The payload is sometimes very simple and somtimes very complex. It becomes a problem if the payload follows no standard in the industry.


Let's say a tiny company builds your event-driven system and that is based on a very special structured message or payload. Ohter participants have now to learn and understand what they can get from the available messages. This costs time and money.


The best is to set an open standard to all solution providers like SparkPlug B or Protobuf. These open standards are very simple, but powerfull in transporting messages with payloads. The next is a standard for the payload. There you can set for all integrators the OPC UA, IEC, ISO or ISA specifications as the standard. With that it gets much easier and everybody have just to stay in the definition of the open standard specification.


A lot of very good and experienced people worked or working on the existing open standards. From those definitions you get a huge cost saving. Use it!