An old machine is sometimes unique or just too good. Therefore, such a machine should be polished up with a modernization (new German: RetroFit) for the next 10 years for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


Preserve good and also offer old machines or devices a new layer for IoT integration, so that the practical benefit is in the foreground and not only the upgrade. A secured Modbus via TLS (specification 2018) can be a very good start, then add a MQTT broker with TLS security and finally Sparkplug B (Eclipse OpenSource) for a real industrial solution by unified communication via messages and events. This way we create for you security, integrity of data and an industrial communication and connectivity with the effort of "Do it only once."


Step by step instead of big bang. This saves nerves and costs in the long run. Each step can be evaluated individually and its success measured. Especially machines that no longer exist can benefit from modernization by us. Whether energy limit shutdown, energy measurement or reverse engineering to gain more control over the old sweetheart. Many things make sense and can be implemented with the technical effort of one-time integration of new hardware (edge device, smart PLC, mini-IPC). From then on, new services, programs or controls can easily be added and extend the capabilities of the old machine piece by piece.


All this creates a new modern life cycle for old objects - development, testing, production as well as observing for new ideas and improvements. This is exactly our mission!