Terms such as edge devices, edge devices, portainer business, edge groups and the like play an important role in industrial IoT projects for many companies this year. We now offer the appropriate IIoT operating system, based on open source software, but hardened, secured and ready to use for you.


More success thanks to decentralised process control system components "on Edge"? These are your advantages.

Terms such as Edge Devices, Portainer Business, Edge Groups and Co. play an important role in Industrial IoT projects for many companies this year. We now offer the appropriate IIoT operating system IniationOS plus infrastructure as a secure download "on edge", based on open source software, but hardened, secured and ready for use.

On the basis of so-called micro operating systems, containers and distributed functions, data or programmes are to be processed and optimised securely and quickly directly on the device or still in the factory "on Edge". All this is best done before the data reaches the cloud or your data centre. Not only are running processes monitored and converted into information. Edge devices make additional smart controls of machines or special purpose machines feasible.

The goal: an improved basis for process monitoring and process control, as well as better data for your technicians on site. Your next steps with I4.0 or AI applications need solid data from the machines, which can be ensured by stable edge solutions even without always being in the network. Digital solutions, for example based on the digital twin, edge AI or modern OPC UA machine communication, create a new, reliable foundation that no manufacturing company should do without these days.


How can more effective manufacturing be realised through edge devices?

The benefits of effective manufacturing become apparent quite quickly. However, in order for a company to benefit fully, it is important to rely not only on the necessary expertise, but also on the corresponding experience in implementation.

Those who want to save effort and time here and continue to devote themselves to their classic day-to-day business should trust in a partner who can offer solutions from a single source and who understands and brings together all the necessary partners in the project.

Based on standards such as Sparkplug, RAMI4.0, ISO EN 62264, ISO EN 61512 for manufacturing and MQTT or OPC UA as carriers of process information, it is possible to create new options for you and your technicians using real-time data.


For which areas does the topic of Edge lend itself?

In modern manufacturing and automation technology, it is a wonderful opportunity to make data more comprehensible, to network it and ultimately to be able to evaluate it more easily. The workload of the responsible employees is reduced, as a corresponding visualisation of the information obtained ensures that the respective situations can be better assessed. Or in other words: based on the opportunities that arise from smart automation and simulation, a high optimisation potential is raised. Regardless of whether in connection with work on conveyor technology or conveyor systems for boxes, cartons and pallets, energy measurement or in other special areas for energy topics and production: The field of automation plays an important role in our everyday lives.