Digitization is currently moving from the sensor level to the cloud. All layers of the manufacturing organization are affected and often have very different levels of digital transformation. What is certain is that German SMEs have to complete this task in order to be at the forefront of retrofitting and modern production.


The Retrofit perspective

From the "sensor to the cloud". All layers of the manufacturing organization should be involved when it comes to industrial modernization (retrofit).

Hip words and cool slogans are nice, but as facilitators of digital transformation, we often see that there is a lot of homework to do before even getting close to marketing slogans.

Whether an AI, which first requires solid data or could only make decisions via accessible digital data streams, or whether a smart machine runs better processes and can share important information about itself and its environment. Everything first requires a stable network, infrastructure "on edge" and the connection of all data to a common company network. Cyber ​​security, key management, password safes and certificates are directly associated with this desire for digital data storage. Access to data must be managed and allocated, because the goal is not to be able to access the data too easily, is it?!

We often see very different statuses on the topic of digital transformation. Uncertainty resonates in the decision-making levels of SMEs and we often hear the desire for differentiation for one's own situation. What is certain is that German SMEs have to complete this task in order to be at the forefront of retrofitting and modern production.

With a view towards production in the year 2030, it makes sense to improve successful concepts and machine parks via modernization via retrofit, to make them smarter and to achieve new flexibility in the production processes for the change-friendly market.

Instead of the motto "revolution" rather "evolution" with the right innovation - we'll stick to that. Disruptive change is great, but it doesn't always make sense. Where we see the opportunity for change, we will point this out to you and help you to implement this idea.


What can the innovation be?

Digital services in the form of individual software and the "digital twin" are seen as possible innovations. The hardware as leasing and the service is included and the digital twin is the icing on the cake and helps to test simulations without wasting resources and to simplify an audit and documentation management.

The most unpopular buzzword is "subscription". This business model is not always feasible - many SMEs think - but a fresh look from us and our 10 years of experience in the field of Industry 4.0 can often point to a new direction. Implement the first innovation step by step and more opportunities will come as soon as the biggest blockages have been resolved.


The most important question: What is your biggest "pain" in everyday business?

A new direction is certainly unfamiliar and a bit more complex, but that's exactly where we support you in order to achieve more security in the retrofit. Renewal where it makes sense and retrofit where added value can be created and everyday pain can be eliminated.