Terms such as production automation, IIoT, smart city, edge device and the like now play an important role for many companies.

What may sound very technical at first is actually quickly explained - at least in general terms. Based on the corresponding procedures, data is to be controlled, monitored and processed into information. The goal: improved corporate strategy and promotion at various levels. Digital solutions, for example based on management shells or modern machine communication, create a new, reliable basis that no company working with technical data should do without nowadays.


How can effective production automation be realized?

The benefits of effective production automation can be seen at different levels. However, for a company to benefit fully, it is important to rely not only on the necessary expertise, but also on the appropriate tools.

Those who want to save effort and time here and continue to devote themselves to their classic day-to-day business should rely on a partner who uses solutions, such as an Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture or Building Automation and Control Networks, to provide individual support for the company in question. Based on standards such as ISA95, ISA88, RAMI4.0, ISO EN 62264, ISO EN 61512 and OPC UA, and always with a focus on the individual situation, it is thus possible to continue planning on the basis of the relevant real-time data.


For which areas does production automation lend itself?

Modern production automation is a wonderful way of making data visible, networking it and ultimately evaluating it. The responsible employees are relieved, as appropriate automation ensures that the respective data is automatically found and collected. Or, in other words: based on the opportunities that arise from increased automation, a high optimization potential is guaranteed. Regardless of whether in connection with work around pallet conveyor technology, building automation or in various special fields: The area of production automation now plays an important role in everyday life for numerous small and large companies (and rightly so).