My name is Carina Krück. Since October 2021 I am working for Iniationware while also studying for my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science for Media Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer.

Chosing a new career path at the age of 31, wasn’t an easy decision to make. But I couldn't be happier to invest my creativity into programming and webdesign in a completely different way.

Thanks to the opportunity, to study during working hours, I can put theory into practice immediately, so any concerns about studying “dry theoretical” knowledge were unfounded. Even studying itself is not as dry as suggested. There are many practical tasks and assignments.

I’m looking forward to putting my newly earned knowledge to good practice for new projects. I am really happy to grow within the young and innovative team of Iniationware.

Many women and girls are interested in working in IT-jobs, but don't know, where to start. It doesn't matter whether it's an internship, apprenticeship, degree or career change - Iniationware looks forward to receiving your application.

Get a first insight into IT and find the right focus, you want to set for yourself. We clear up misjudgements and prejudices, keeping women from choosing IT as their career path.

As EU-projects like "Women4IT", we support womens access to the IT sector. Flexible working hours and home-office options are two of many possibilities to combine work, your daily life and family.

Do you have more questions about your future as a woman in IT? Contact us and ask away.


To find the study program, that suits you best, we at Iniationware have decided to offer you four different directions.

With us you can choose between:

  •     Dual online full-time or part-time study program for Digital Networking (m/f/d)
  •     Dual online full-time or part-time study for Data and Process Analysis (m/f/d)
  •     Dual online full-time or part-time study for Media Information Technology (m/f/d)



You want to know what to expect in the different areas? No problem!

Of course, you can contact us at any time with questions about our training opportunities.
Alternatively, you can of course also apply for an internship to find out in which areas your strengths lie and what you are particularly interested in.


Media Information Technology is diversity

Iniationware offers to study Media Information Technology online. We have a concept for you with which you can study computer science with success and practice.
Carina and Joel are happy to tell you more about it and share their experience with you.

The didactic concept includes all aspects that you need for the job and a qualitative education. All based on your interests.

The degree can be a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. approx. 3 years) or as Master of Science (M.Sc. approx. 5 years) in Media Information Technology.

Another carrer path, we would be delighted for you to take is an apprenticeship followed by a bachelor's degree. This career path offers even more practical experience and a better deepening of new skills. Even with a high school diploma, it is then possible to continue your studies as a junior developer after just three years, up to the B.Sc. or M.Sc.

We are looking forward to meeting you!