We do this!

Openness 4.0 – your company’s asset in the Factory 2030 vision

Mastering data, transforming it into meaningful information and thus advancing your business – that’s the first step. To meet the growing strategic importance of data and information management, we offer you individual digital solutions. We are active in projects of the Industry 4.0 platform, the ZVEI and the OPC Foundation. Whether ECLASS or Asset Administration Shell, whether modern machine communication or open standards between man and machine or whether On-Premise vs. Cloud – we are working on the future for trading manufacturing data through smart contracts (digital future contracts, “if-then” contracts).

We rely on:

  • Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA):
    with OPC UA Companion Specifications, the data exchange standard of the manufacturing industry secures a safe and standardized communication of Machine to Machine (M2M) and Human Machine Collaboration (HMV)
  • Asset Administration Shell (AAS):
    with the Asset Administration Shell to the I4.0 component, we are actively working on this new standard. The networked Asset Administration Shell is our focus here, in order to be open and collaborative with industry standards such as ISA-95 and ISA-88
  • Modbus:
    is a communication protocol that connects a master device (e.g. computer) with several slave devices (e.g. measuring units) and enables data exchange
  • Web Object Oriented Protocol for Software and Automation (Woopsa):
    a web-based protocol that includes all communication mechanisms needed for networked applications
  • Building Automation and Control Networks (BACnet):
    a protocol that enables building automation by establishing communication between various devices

We help you – making information available in real time

Thanks to the normalized open standards and communication protocols, we can connect the data with any number of applications. With our intelligent solutions it is possible to automatically find, collect and evaluate the data flows and make the information available in real time. Event-driven instead of time-consuming polling of data. The right initiative and information at the right time in the right place, when it is needed. Through the insights gained from the data, we can optimize your business, reduce the development effort for new systems and thus perfect all stages of product manufacturing. Our solutions also help to integrate employees who have less IT knowledge.

Especially technicians without programming experience can benefit from our solutions and partners. Together we unleash the potential of your skilled workers!