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Unified Architecture - the capital of your company in the vision Factory 2030

Mastering data via Modbus, MQTT and OPC UA, converting it into meaningful information and thus promoting your business, that is the first step. Providing modern interfaces (API, Data Stores) for new and innovative ideas is the following valuable step.

To meet the growing strategic importance of data and information management in the industry, we offer individual digital solutions and their integration into your work process. We are pro-active in projects of the Industrie 4.0 platform of the ZVEI, Eclipse Foundation, Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA), for Node-RED, Node-OPCUA, and in the OPC Foundation. Thus, we have connected a functioning network of experts and have good experience as well as a good overview of what can support you best.


Whether ECLASS, digital twin, digital type plate, decentralized control with PC and/or PLC or the digital management of documents and changing information at objects. Whether modern machine communication or open standards between man and machine or whether edge, on-premise or cloud.
We know and use the technologies from the sensor to the cloud.


Sounds a lot? That's just the first impression. The technology structure and the interplay of all sub-areas fits together well thanks to our experience of more than 10 years in Industry 4.0 and the use of open standards and open source code. The world is getting more complex and we are making it simpler again by "hiding" the complexity and helping you focus on what matters - adding value to you.


We are working on the future for the manufacturing and energy industries without "vendor lock-in".

An EDGE-API and secure edge devices for you

Edge computing and decentralized smart controls have become a core topic for us. With strong partners for the right hardware and software, we offer you solid processing or pre-processing of data "on edge".


This saves data in the cloud or in your data center. With edge devices, we help you build a digital transformation from data to real-time information.


The knowledge of your experts in the company becomes usable, accessible and understandable for more employees again. From complexity to ease with edge computing and everything from a single source - from us to you.

EDGE-API Platform

Individual software development for practice

We rely on:

  • Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA):
    with OPC UA Companion Specifications, the data exchange standard of the manufacturing industry secures a safe and standardized communication of Machine to Machine (M2M) and Human Machine Collaboration (HMV)
  • Asset Administration Shell (AAS):
    with the Asset Administration Shell to the I4.0 component, we are actively working on this new standard. The networked Asset Administration Shell is our focus here, in order to be open and collaborative with industry standards such as ISA-95 and ISA-88
  • Modbus:
    is a communication protocol that connects a master device (e.g. computer) with several slave devices (e.g. measuring units) and enables data exchange
  • Web Object Oriented Protocol for Software and Automation (Woopsa):
    a web-based protocol that includes all communication mechanisms needed for networked applications
  • Building Automation and Control Networks (BACnet):
    a protocol that enables building automation by establishing communication between various devices
  • Digital Twin I4.0 (IDTA):
    Digital management and provision of data, information, documents, simulations, SCADA integration, updates - in short: the digital version of an object with all aspects of its life cycle.

Quelle ISA InTech 2022-02

We help you – making information available in real time

Thanks to the normalized open standards and communication protocols, we can connect the data with any number of applications. With our intelligent solutions it is possible to automatically find, collect and evaluate the data flows and make the information available in real time. Event-driven instead of time-consuming polling of data. The right initiative and information at the right time in the right place, when it is needed. Through the insights gained from the data, we can optimize your business, reduce the development effort for new systems and thus perfect all stages of product manufacturing. Our solutions also help to integrate employees who have less IT knowledge.

Especially technicians without programming experience can benefit from our solutions and partners. Together we unleash the potential of your skilled workers!

We are an official WAGO IoT Partner.

PLC Programming

Edge Computing

Machine Learning

Lean Networks for IoT

Sensors and Data Acquisition

OEE and Dashboards


Energy measurement


Containers and iniationOS Linux

Portainer, Kubernetes and Docker

Digital Twins for the effort of one

Industry Standards, Digital Networking and Robotic

As an official partner, we offer robot dogs in different sizes and with different capabilities. We offer the robot, robot arms, the appropriate software and integration for your use case. All from one source.


With a true digital twin, you work with the effort of one - i.e. the digital version of an object only has to be created once or adapted later and the changes have a targeted effect on the associated object (e.g. the robot).


This can be a controllable or non-controllable object. The Digital Twin can be offered for the machine itself and also for the machine frame or a spare part.


Complex objects


Especially with more complex machines, such as a robot, the digital twin can save a great deal of cost and effort, both for the manufacturer and the user.


Standardized objects


Even standardized objects, such as a battery or pallet, can save a great deal of cost and effort with the digital twin, and that too for the manufacturer and the user.


At industrialdigitaltwin.org you can get a targeted impression of what we mean by a digital twin.

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Artificial-Eyes (iniationVISION)

For new intelligent solutions directly on the machine.

With our latest product "Artificial-Eyes" of the iniationVISION team, we can align a digital view in 2D and 3D worlds to offer a new perspective in very special cases for humans and machines. Is AI-on-Edge or AI on the machine or robot arm a topic for you - curious?


Talk to us about the possibilities of augmented (AR) and mixed reality (XR) for the human-machine interface.

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