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Industrial IoT – we bring your company ahead

Increased productivity, ease of use and unrestricted access to and value creation from production data – with our help and the implementation of communication protocols and the generation of meta-data (information about data), you will save unnecessary production costs as well as runtime costs and make targeted savings in various categories. Under the slogan “Industry 4.0 Vision 2030”, your machines and employees can interact and communicate better. In doing so, we address the individual aspects of your company and can offer a unique operating and information experience.

From complexity to ease

We provide you and your team with the know-how on the various data and communication systems. We create the perfect solution or at least three solutions that are tailored to your business. Your data can thus be accessed without any problems and the information of your machines becomes visible as well as easier to understand. The complex communication and data systems are created individually for you through our knowledge and solutions and hide the necessary complexity through the use of open standards, so that more employees can become active again. At the same time, open standards serve to enable more interaction with suppliers and customers. We make complex systems simple. For every department, every machine, every employee and everyone whose connection is important to you. You regain more freedom to discover new possibilities and achieve internal innovation through more participation of different employee groups.

Cooperation instead of vendor lock-in

We connect your company with other providers in the industry so that you can experience an all-round technical service. We find the right partner for you, who will be on hand with help and advice and support you with implementations. We find solutions for your company and your team. Here, too, experience shows that in most cases we offer up to three options, and you play an active role in deciding what or who suits your project the best. Thus, you do not lose time, but save complex steps and can continue to devote yourself to your everyday tasks. We are your link between the important day-to-day business and the meaningful innovations for your practice-oriented future.

Use Cases

  • Data-Connectors
  • Edge-PC (Sensors2Cloud)
  • Linux Systems
  • Cybersecurity IIoT
  • OPC UA Control IIoT
  • MQTT and Sparkplug IIoT
  • Prozess-Control
  • Automation
  • Process Control System
  • PLC Programming
  • Edge-AI
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